Zoning Hearing Set for June 9th in Whitemarsh for Proposed Office Building at 901 Washington Street

Last week we shared with you the proposal to build an office building at 901 Washington Street, which is located in Whitemarshon the riverfront between David’s Bridal and the Conshohocken border. The developer is seeking 13 variances. We hear that nearby office buildings are concerned about the project due to the potential for the proposed development to increase the impact of flooding.

The Zoning Hearing Board in Whitemarsh will meet on Monday, June 9th to to consider the request of the developer. Below are the details of the hearing:

ZHB#2014-010: 901 Washington Partners, LP c/o Eli Kahn, Block 011 & 010, Unit 039 & 026, 901 Washington Street, Conshohocken, PA 19428. The Property Location is currently improved with industrial buildings, of which the main grouping is approximately 102,500 sq. ft., along with parking and associated improvements. The Applicant is proposing to redevelop the Property for an approximately 82,000 sq. ft. 2-story office building over parking as well as surface parking and associated improvements. The proposed development falls under the RDD-1 zoning requirements. A 10 foot-wide trail would be installed along the Schuylkill River with an easement for public access to the trail and the area of the Property between the edge of parking and the Schuylkill River to allow public access and use of the trail. In order to undertake the proposed development, the Applicant is requesting the following relief:

1. Variance from Section 116-165. to permit structures within the Floodplain Conservation District, including the floodway.
2. Variances from Sections 116-282.E. and 116-184.F. to permit no parking setback from the building instead of the required 10 feet.
3. Variance from Section 116-281.A.(4) to permit a reduced parking setback along the eastern property line to 0 feet (and to the extent necessary, to extend over the property line), the northern property to 7 feet and the western property line to 3 feet. The current requirement is 15 feet from all property lines.
4. Variances from Sections 116-282.E. and 116-184.E. to permit double rows of parking without the required 10-foot wide planting strip, to permit a maximum parking area dimension of 288 feet rather than the required 150 feet, and to permit more than 30 individual parking spaces in one parking area.
5. Variance from Section 116-187., to the extent required, to not provide a dedicated loading space on the Property.
6. Variance from Section 116-281.A.(8) to permit impervious coverage of 78% rather than the permitted 75%.
7. Variance from Section 116-281.A.(9) to permit the proposed area of riverfront open space to be included in the calculation of total tract area. This section requires riverfront open space to be netted out of the tract area when counting impervious and building coverage.
8. Variances from Sections 116-282.A. and 116-282.C. to permit landscaping to screen the parking garage rather than architectural treatment along the proposed right-of-way.
9. Variance from Section 116-283.A.(2), to the extent required, to permit three materials on the building in addition to the dominant material rather than the permitted two.
10. Variance from Section 116-283.A.(5) to permit a reduction in the required 20 foot setbacks along 50% of a building façade greater than 250 feet in length. The proposed façade length is 320 feet.
11. Variance from Section 116-283.B., to the extent required, to provide only public trail access with no additional public amenities. 12. Variance from Section 116-284.C. to permit a reduction in the required riverfront area of 100 feet and to permit a reduction in the required public amenities.
13. Variance from Section 116-284.D. to not require publicly dedicated access connecting Washington Street to the proposed riverfront trail.