Zoning Hearing on May 8th Regarding Developments on Apple Street and Moorehead Avenue in West Conshohocken

There is a meeting of the Zoning Hearing Board in West Conshohocken tonight regarding proposed developments on Apple Street and Moorehead Avenue. We reported about the proposed redevelopment of these properties back in August. The addresses are slightly different and we haven’t heard anything about these projects since we last reported on it. So we are not sure if the project has changed since then or not.

Here is the notice posted by West Conshohcken:

The Zoning Hearing Board will meet to consider and vote on 3 Stipulations submitted by Applicant Apple Moore Properties in regard to 549 & 537 Apple Street, and 237, 239 & 300 Moorehead Avenue. The Stipulations are on file at Borough Hall 112 Ford Street for review upon request. Please direct your questions to Hank Clemmer at 610-828-9747 ext 6.