Zoning Hearing Board Continues Hearing on Office Building into January

Conshohocken’s Zoning Hearing Board held a hearing for an office building O’Neill Properties hopes to build on Conshohocken’s riverfront. The building was previously approved, but O’Neill Properties is seeking new approvals to expand it by approximately 200,000 square feet and add additional floors.

O’Neill Properties opened the hearing by announcing that it was going to reduce the scope of the variances sought due to a conversation it had had with developer Oliver Tyrone Pulver. Pulver signed on as a party to this case and is opposing the request for the variances O’Neill needs to expand the not-yet-built building. The reduction decreases parking spaces by about 1,700 cars and reduced the height of the building. Thus when the hearing moved forward it was for a revised request that took in account these reductions.

Brian O’Neill, owner of O’Neill Properties, spoke of a new potential tenant that requires a larger building than is currently approved. If built, it would be a corporate headquarters. What is interesting for the public is that it provides an amphitheater and outdoor dining options along the riverfront.

Ross Weiss, the attorney for Pulver, brought a few expert witnesses to testify on how allowing the expanded building would negatively impact the neighboring properties, but the hearing was continued before these witnesses were brought forward.

We will let you know when the next hearing date is posted.