Your Candidates for Montgomery County Commissioner

The most interesting race in the county is the one for County Commissioner, especially in the Republican primary (we share more info below).

Our Pontificating

The way the election for County Commissioner is decided is rather strange. The primary produces two candidates from each party. In the general election, one party wins two seats and the other is guaranteed one seat. This system isn’t exclusive to Montgomery County.

Unfortunately, this has produced a system, at least in recent years (we didn’t go back to look), a lack of geographical representation. All three current Commissioners live on the eastern side of the county (two live in the same town). Only one candidate running this year from either party is from the western side of the county.

And why do less than 2,500 people in West Conshohocken have a Borough Council of seven members, and the entire county has only three (population of 800,000)? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Buy anyhow, here are the candidates:

Democratic Party

Kenneth E. Lawrence, Jr. (incumbent)
Val Arkoosh (incumbent)
Ray Sosa

Lawrence and Arkoosh are running as a joint ticket and have the backing of the party endorsement. Sosa previously ran for Lt. Governor and lost in the primary.

Republican Party

Joe Gale (incumbent)
Dean Eisenberger
Sean Gale
Fred Conner
France W. Krazalkovich

Gale won the race in 2015 without the backing of the party. He has enlisted his brother Sean Gale to run with him on a ticket for this election. Eisenberg is a former member of Plymouth’s Council, Conner is a current Supervisor in Whitpain and Krazalkovich is a Supervisor in Upper Pottsgrove.

The effort of the more establishment candidates on the Republican side to upend the Gales is what will be interesting.

Lawrence, both Gales, and Eisenberger, are all Plymouth Township residents.