You Can Now Buy a 12-Pack at the Beer Distributor carried a story from the Associated Press today that reports that the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has issued an advisory opinion that will allow beer distributors sell 12-packs of beer. Distributors have been forced to sell beer only in kegs and cases previously. Six-packs are still only available at bars, take-out places and the growing number of grocery stores selling beer.



Here is a bit from the Associated Press article:

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board issued an advisory legal opinion Friday that says distributors may sell 12-packs if the manufacturer designates it for sale as a 12-pack.

Frank Pistella, a Pittsburgh distributor who’s vice president of the Pennsylvania Malt Beverage Distributors Association, says distributors may have to sell down their current inventory before they’ll have 12-packs designated for sale by the manufacturers.

Since the ruling just came out today, and the distributors are sitting on inventory not designated as 12-packs, you will have to wait for the process to get up and running.