Winter Lice Storm | Lice Lifters of Lafayette Hill

Most people associate lice with summer, but Lice Lifters® of Lafayette Hill knows that winter months are notorious for head lice outbreaks.  In fact, lice have no dormant period; they are busy all year. We typically see an increase of lice cases after the holidays. Family and friends gather together to celebrate and/or go on vacation, leading to lots of head-to-head contact.  Unfortunately, many people often receive unwanted guests during the holidays, LICE!  Or as we call it today, “Super Lice.”

Super Lice are just like ordinary lice, except that they have genetically mutated, becoming resistant to  OTC insecticides.  A 2016 Study, performed by the University of Massachusetts, found that 95 percent of the lice collected from 48 states were super lice.  Pennsylvania is one of those 48 (two states, Hawaii and Alaska, did not send in samples to be tested).

Simply reading this article may make your head itch.  Incidentally, only 50% of people itch when they have lice, however, 100% of all people itch when they talk about lice.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that as many as 12 million kids under the age of 12 contract head lice each year.  This does not account for teenagers, adults and unreported cases.

Everyone thinks that lice is only a problem for little kids, dirty girls’ long hair, or anyone but themselves.  The problem is lice like everyone and do not discriminate.  Our customers come in all different shapes and sizes, as well as hair types.  Over 90% of lice is contracted by head-to-head contact. The best ways to prevent lice is to wear hair back in a braided ponytail or bun, apply Lice Lifters Mint Repellent Spray on the hair every day and avoid head-to-head contact.  Remind your children to keep their hats, coats, scarves and HAIR away from others.

If you do find lice on your child, all household members should be checked and treated at Lice Lifters of Lafayette Hill immediately.

The internet will offer you many options as to how to treat your head lice.  Below are some important lessons we have learned about different “treatments” over the past 10 years:

  • Avoid Over-the-Counter Pesticides: They do not work! The over-the-counter products that contain chemicals to which the bugs have grown resistant. In fact, they could prolong a person’s suffering, because in using them, one may think that they have gotten rid of the infestation, only to learn weeks later that the lice and new eggs are back.
  • Avoid Pricey Prescriptions: They are a waste of money!  These prescriptions typically do not kill lice and they most certainly do not kill the eggs.  Since children have thinner skin, the chemicals are easily absorbed.  These creams may also burn the scalp when applied to the head.
  • Do Not Waste Time with Home Remedies: Some alternative treatments—like butter, oil, mayonnaise and petroleum jelly—rely on suffocating or drowning lice, but a 2018 study by the Ministry of Education and Higher Research of France, suggests that this strategy will not work.  Lice can hold their breath until the kitchen products reach the temperature on the head.  Once the products thin out, the bugs will continue with their daily routine of crawling, eating and laying eggs.


So, how do you get rid of Head Lice?  To end your infestation, you need to focus on two important factors: Killing live activity and removing lice eggs so they can’t hatch on the head.  The Lice Lifters® of Lafayette Hill Treatment does just that.  At Lice Lifters we use non-toxic, pesticide-free products to help release the eggs off the hair shaft, and we have a sufficant that kills all bugs instantly.  In addition to efficacy test that prove our products work, Lice Lifters has tens of thousands of happy, lice-free clients.  Visit our website to learn more about our process and products.  When a louse takes up residence on your head, Lice Lifters of Lafayette Hill is here to help! – 484-532-7677