Will the Fireworks in Conshohocken on July 12th Draw Too Big a Crowd?

Usually when you postpone an event, the crowd that shows up for the new date is smaller than what it would have been. This probably won’t hold true for the rescheduled fireworks in Conshohocken that will be held on July 12th. Here is why we think the crowd will be even larger than normal:

  • The regular date is July 3rd, which means a big group of people are out of town for the 4th. While there will be some people out of town on the 12th, it won’t be as large a number
  • No competition. There are fireworks in Ambler, Norristown, Skippack, etc, etc. around the 4th. Conshohocken is the only nearby town that postponed the fireworks as far out as the 12th (that we can find). There is the possibility that there will be greater bleed over into Conshohocken from other communities hoping to catch another round of fireworks
  • Expanding on the bullet above, will it become the place to go for all area teenagers looking for something to do?

We only mention this because Conshohocken’s fireworks are already a big deal with a big crowd. Sutcliffe Park is also pretty hemmed in and there isn’t room to grow the event (Yes, we realize that many people watch the fireworks from their homes or from the street). Cherry Hill actually cancelled its annual fireworks because they did’t feel they could safely handle the crowds the fireworks were attracting.

This isn’t to say that the fireworks should be canceled or that Borough Council was wrong to postpone them (they didn’t really have an option based on the forecast).

We are just saying plan for a bigger crowd and pick your fireworks viewing spot early.