Why should I have a Primary Care Physician?

With the abundance of Urgent Care facilities, one might ask, “do I really need a PCP”?  There is plenty of evidence to show that having access to primary care physicians help people live longer, healthier lives, while at the same time reducing overall healthcare costs.  Studies have suggested that as many as 127,000 deaths per year in the United States could be averted through increased access to PCPs, alleviating the need for ER visits and hospital admissions by up to 15%.

The role of the primary care physician has evolved over the years, but what has continued to differentiate it from other areas of medicine is always putting the patient at the center.  The primary care philosophy is to care for every patient by engaging in a shared decision-making process while developing a personal relationship.  

While access to PCPs can be an issue, Suburban Medical Associates of Conshohocken is always accepting new patients.  In addition to diagnosing and managing chronic health conditions, the office also offers EKGs, pulmonary function testing, acute injury care, suturing, skin lesion removals and joint injections.  

Dr. Brett Hartmann MD, who has been in the office for 8 years, is excited to announce the addition of Kate Dowling PA, to expand the practice.  Same day appointments offered.