Why Hasn’t Colonial School Board’s Adam Schupack Asked His Party Leader to Resign?

In this portion of the video from the August 15th meeting of of the Colonial School Board, board member Adam Schupack (D) brings up a 2009 email published by MoreThanTheCurve.com. The email, sent by Jason Salus, encourages the 2009 Democratic Party candidates for the Colonial School Board to approach unions for donations.

Salus, was then and continues to be the Area Leader of the Democratic Party for the municipalities in the Colonial School District. He is also currently the elected Treasurer of Montgomery County and the Executive Vice-Chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee.

In the video Schupack states:

I think we know from the 2009 disclosure from MoreThanTheCurve that Mr. Tabachnick, Ms. Suchsland and Mr. Brady and Ms. Oxberry, who were the candidates in 2009, were apparently soliciting donations and engaging in some sort of quid pro quo.

Schupack must have changed his mind about MoreThanTheCurve.com. When we published who the donors were to Building Colonial’s Future, the campaign umbrella for Schupack and three other candidates in 2017, he referred to us as an “out-of-town blogger.”

Schupack’s statement regarding the 2009 email and the suggestion that the 2009 candidates were engaging in “some sort of quid pro quo,” brings up an interesting question.

How does he feel about Jason Salus?

It was Salus who wrote and sent the email. Salus was in the room on August 15th. Schupack didn’t take the opportunity to admonish the sender of the email.

Salus is Schupack’s Area Leader of Schupack’s political party.

Salus is the Executive Vice-Chair of Schupack’s political party.

So we ask, will Adam Schupack call for Salus’ resignation from party leadership positions for sending the 2009 email and his role in that campaign?

If the email reveals what Schupack claims, why hasn’t he already?

We are anxiously awaiting Schupack’s response.