Why Bootcamps Rock! (Sponsored Content)

It was a beautiful spring night and I had just finished training 12 clients over the last 14 hours. I was thinking that I had poured all of my passion, charisma, professional guidance and a lot of time into impacting 12 people. I felt both accomplished and unaccomplished at the same time.
I started thinking that I needed to focus on helping more people. I only have 24 hours in a day so training one or two clients in an hour isn’t the answer. I started reaching out to highly successful friends who I look to as mentors. The message was clear, it’s time to start leading boot camps and make a larger impact on many people looking to get healthier.

10 Reasons Boot Camps Rock!

1.) It creates a friendly, leave your ego at the door environment.
2.) Misery loves company! You can work out with your friends!
3.) It is much more economical, some people can’t pay my personal training rates. But most people can afford my boot camp.
4.) It forces accountability! How many times have you planned on waking up early and decided to sleep in?
5.) The workouts are all structured!
6.) It will break your monotonous workout routine!
7.) You will get stronger, leaner, improve balance and coordination and most of all look & feel better!
8.) All fitness levels are welcome; you will go at your own pace, whether you are just getting started or a workout veteran.
9.) Group training tends to push you farther than you would push yourself!
10.) You will reconnect with your inner athlete!

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