Who Wants to Run for Borough Council or Mayor?

The next election cycle includes three seats on Borough Council and Mayor.  If you have ever contemplated running, but thought that it was a huge undertaking requiring you to obtain thousands of votes, that is not the case.

I went back and looked at the election results from 2009, when we had the same three Borough Council seats and the Mayor up for grabs.  This is a very off year election, meaning there are no major statewide or national races to bump the number of people voting up.

Democratic Primary

Republican Primary

Do you see that?  Only one candidate Sandra Caterbone (D), who was Borough Council President, received more than 100 votes in a primary and she ended up losing in the general election.  Ike Griffin (D) only got 21 votes.

So what happens if you win the primary?  What kind of turnout happened in 2009?  Lets take a look:

As you can tell, you get a 150-200 of your neighbors to vote for you, you can have a real shot at winning the general election.

So what is the cost of running an election.  There are probably some type of fees to run, plus some signs, a mailer and flyers.  Lets say $2,500.  That is 50 people donating $50.00.

Where do the elections stand as of right now?  All three incumbents in Borough Council, two Democrats and a Republican, plan to run and Mayor Frost plans to run again.  There is only one announced opponent in any of these races.  Donald Morrison (D) is going to run for Mayor, and thus far does not have a primary opponent.

So basically these races are wide open. The primary will be held in May and the general election is in November.  You can find out what you need to do to run in a primary or as an independent by clicking here.

Anyone interested?