Who is Behind “Conshy Pride” on Social Media?

We are not sure what to make of this story.  We have written it and rewritten it several times.  Basically the local Republicans are working with a local social media company.  Not very much unusual about that.  What is unusual is the method being employed by the social media company to distribute information about the local candidates.

If you have been friended by or friended the Facebook account “Conshy Pride” you have probably been wondering who is providing all the man-on-the-street type content.  It is the social media company.  There is also a corresponding Twitter account.

The strategy behind “Conshy Pride” appears to be to share a bunch of information about Conshohocken and work in references to Republicans running for office.  An example would be the day of Fun Fest.  There were numerous Tweets about Fun Fest and what was taking place during the event and intermixed with them were photos of the candidates.  Here is an example of three consecutive tweets:




We have received confirmation from the local Republican Party that they are in fact working with “Conshy Pride.” So basically what you have above is two tweets showing what is happening at Fun Fest and in between is a photo of three candidates for office.

Also during the barrage of Fun Fest tweets, we noticed that two local businesses, that are clients of the social media company in question, had tweets that also included the candidates.  We spoke with the two business owners and both did not know that their businesses’ social media accounts were being used to promote local candidates. Both stressed that they did not authorize it.

If the same content was being shared via social media accounts that were obviously political, this wouldn’t be an issue. The fact that people do not know they are being fed political content when connecting with the “Conshy Pride” account is disingenuous.

FYI, two Republican candidates have purchased advertisements on MoreThanTheCurve.com.