Whitemarsh’s Board of Supervisors vote to advertise proposed ordinance that would ban single-use plastic bags (in most cases)

During its June 8th meeting, the Whitemarsh Township Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to advertise an ordinance that has been developed over the past 12 months involving single-use plastic bags and other items. Prior to the vote, Township Manager Rich Mellor stated the six points addressed by the proposed ordinance:

  • Bans single-use plastic bags and non-recycled content paper bags.
  • Allows reusable bags meeting specified criteria and paper bags with a minimum of 40% postconsumer recycled content.
  • A minimum fee of $0.15 must be charged for each bag given to customers. This fee is retained by
    the business and noted on the receipt.
  • Plastic straws and utensils will be provided only upon request by the customer.
  • Some types of bags are exempt including bags used for produce, meat, fish, poultry, pre-prepared
    foods, baked goods, dry cleaning, newspapers, and trash bags and live animals (ie crickets).
  • Signage will be required to be posted to educate consumers.

The proposed ordinance will now be advertised over a two-week period and it can then be adopted at a future meeting. You can watch the presentation and vote here. You can read the text of the proposed ordinance here (page 42).