Whitemarsh Township Releases Statement on Butler Pike Closure

Whitemarsh Township has released a statement regarding the closure of Butler Pike due to sinkholes. The portion of the road between Germantown Pike and Flourtown/Plymouth Roads is now expected to be closed until at least 2021.

In the statement you will learn that the township has invited county officials to its May 9th meeting to provide an update on the issue and answer questions. The township has also instructed the township’s engineer to review the township’s land development ordinances in regards to sinkholes.

Below is that statement:

April 25, 2019 Last week, Montgomery County announced that the portion of Butler Pike between Flourtown/Plymouth Roads and Germantown Pike would likely remain closed until 2021 as a result of sinkholes. This stretch of road is owned and maintained by Montgomery County, not Whitemarsh Township. The Township has no jurisdiction over the stretch of road.

Butler Pike is a major road in Whitemarsh and the Township was surprised and disappointed to learn that it would remain closed until 2021. The Township has worked with the County, Plymouth Township, and utilities that have lines in the area since the road was initially closed in August 2018. The Township will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates to residents. As part of that process, the Township will invite officials from Montgomery County to the May 9, 2019 meeting of the Board of Supervisors to provide an update and answer any questions from residents.

The health, safety, and welfare of residents and the business community is paramount to the Township. The Township Engineer has been asked to review the Township’s land development ordinances to ensure the Township is following best practices, especially with regard to sinkholes.

The Township thanks residents and the business community for their continued patience. Please visit the Township’s website, Whitemarsh TV, and Facebook and Twitter for updates.