Whitemarsh Township in early stages of drafting ordinance focused on single-use plastic bags

Included with the agenda for the May 5th meeting for the Whitemarsh Township’s Board of Supervisors is a series of department reports. One of these reports is titled “Environmental Projects Update” which was submitted by Assistant Township Manager Sean Halbom.

You can find the document here starting on page 69. Please note that it appears the report got misordered. Continue to page 71 to read the full report.

One of the items involves work that is being undertaken by the township’s environmental advisory board regarding a single-use plastic ordinance. The focus is currently on plastic bags. From the update:

Single-Use Plastic Ordinance

Goal: Reduction in litter and microplastics The EAB Chair has been meeting with other EAB and EAC leaders from the area over the past few months. They have discussed possible collaboration about an ordinance regulating the use of single-use plastic bags.

Single-use plastic bags are a major contributor to pollution and microplastics in our ecosystem. EAB is currently planning to meet with a representative from Penn Environment to learn about similar ordinances which have recently been passed in other Pennsylvania Communities.

Plymouth Township is also currently developing an ordinance that appears to focus solely on plastic bags. The Borough of Ambler is working on a more comprehensive ban.

More to come.