Whitemarsh Republicans Invite Democrats and Lone Independent to Campaign Forum

The Republican candidates running for Whitemarsh Township Supervisor (Linda Doll, Perry Swartz, and Frank Scarpello) have invited the Democratic Party candidates (incumbent Laura Boyle Nester, Vince Manuele, and Jacy Toll) and Independent Eli Glick to a public forum to address the issues prior to the election. Thus far, Glick has responded that he will participate.

Below is the invitation:

Allow me to introduce myself virtually. I am the chairperson of the Whitemarsh Republican Committee and the campaign manager for the group of candidates running as republicans for Whitemarsh Supervisor. I am writing you to inquire if you would be willing to have a public discussion in advance of the upcoming election. I envision a live streamed event moderated by a mutually agreed upon person. During this event, each candidates would field questions submitted by residents of Whitemarsh Township. Additionally, candidates would have the opportunity to present an opening and closing statement, 2 minutes in length. I know we are quite close to the election date, so if you could please get back to me a) with your interest in participating in such an event and b) times and dates that might suit your schedule, it would be greatly appreciated. I do find it appropriate that the event be live streamed on the local digital news outlets that exist in our community. I have copied both Mr. Gibbons from PlymouthNBeyond and Mr. Tierney from morethanthecurve to this email to see if they would accommodate.

Finally, I thank each of you personally for having the courage to run for elected office. Holding the office of township supervisor is somewhat of a thankless job; however, it is immensely important the preservation of the way of life that makes Whitemarsh such a special place. Feel free to contact me on my mobile phone, provided below, should you wish to discuss live.

Terence Martin

As you can see, MoreThanTheCurve.com has been asked to broadcast the debate if it happens. We have agreed to do so.

More to come.