Whitemarsh Police Department Conducts Well-Being Check After Lafayette Hill Resident Asks Online About Breastfeeding After Drinking Wine

On January 4th the Whitemarsh Police Department responded to a tip originally made to the Upper Merion Police Department that a Lafayette Hill woman had posted to an online message board a question about whether it was safe to breastfeed after drinking wine.

Police were able to track down the woman and visited her apartment in Lafayette Hill for a well-being check. According to the police report, the responding officer asked the woman about the post and the woman verified that she had made it. The woman responded that he usually feeds her seven-week-old child formula, but occasionally breastfeeds.

The police report states that the responding officer advised the woman that it is not safe to breastfeed after drinking wine and that she should contact a medical professional for advice on the topic.

During the well-being check, the woman admitted that she had drunk two bottles of wine that day, but didn’t feel anything because of taking Zoloft. The well-being check took place at approximately 7:15 p.m.

The officer stated in the report that the baby appeared to be well-cared, the apartment was clean and organized and was stocked with items to care for the child.

The officer contacted Montgomery County’s Child & Youth Services and the police report was forwarded to that office as well.