Whitemarsh Elementary Student Recognized by Police Department

Members of the Whitemarsh Police Department visited Jane Server’s third grade class at Whitemarsh Elementary School on April 25th. While it’s not uncommon for Whitemarsh Police officers to visit schools and speak with children about safety and other issues, this trip was special. Chief Christopher Ward, Lieutenant Jeffrey Nowak, Sergeant Brian Mack and Officers Vincent Mundy and Richard Stemple were on hand to present student Kellan Roberts with a Good Citizenship Award.

Recently, Whitemarsh Police Department officers responded to a call regarding a fight on a school bus. After investigating, they learned that Kellan stepped between the two combatants in an effort to calm the situation. He was rewarded for taking action while others watched.

“It’s important to remind students of all ages that there are bullies and people who make bad choices,” said Chief Ward. “It’s equally important that we teach the students not to be bystanders, but to tell an adult and take appropriate action when the see behavior they know is not right.”

Chief Ward added that if Kellan was an adult he would have been recognized at a Township Supervisor’s meeting.

“We thought it would be more meaningful to do it here amongst his peers,” the Chief said. “We wanted to reinforce the positive behavior with the students and let them know good deeds don’t go unnoticed.”