Whitemarsh Elementary alum paints a mural in school’s lunchroom

Whitemarsh Elementary alum Phoebe Cornog recently returned to the school and painted a mural in the lunchroom. Cornog is a co-founder of California-based Pandr, a company that specializes in custom art pieces, especially murals.

Photo: Colonial School District.

Cornog decided on the theme of Some Place Special because that is what she felt truly defines this school. She stated, “They foster such a positive environment and are doing so even more now that an alumni has brought some art to them!”

While visiting the school, Cornog visited with each grade and shared with the students how creative careers can “take you to the top!”

In the above video, Cornog (she is the artist with the ponytail) paints a mural at Citizens Bank Park for the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phanatic even helps.

Photo: Top image from Pandr.