Whitemarsh Approves 159 Unit Townhome Development on Cedar Grove Road

Last week the Whitemarsh’s Boat of Supervisors approved the 159 unit townhome development known as “The Oaks of Lafayette Hill.” The development will be located along Cedar Grove Road near its intersection with Joshua Road (basically behind National Label).

Since townhomes are permitted within this area, there was never really a question as to whether this development would go forward, just resolving how dense it would be and addressing concerns about traffic and tree coverage.

According to the Times Herald, the vote was 3-1 to approve. Amy Grossman (D) cast the lone dissenting vote. Cathy Peduzzi (D) was not present at the meeting. Bob Hart (D), Sara Erlbaum (D), and Jim Totten (R) cast the votes to approve.

The image at the top of the story is a layout of the development. It is an older version, so isn’t exactly what was approved.


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