Whitemarsh and Plymouth townships receive state grants toward leaf collection programs

Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently announced that 160 county and municipal governments will be receiving grants for recycling and leaf collection programs. The Recycling Development and Implementation Grants total $30.5 million and include two for local townships.  

Whitemarsh Township was granted $267,107 which be used to purchase a swap loader truck with interchangeable attachments for the rear (dump bed and leaf vacuum according to Township Manager Rick Mellor.

Plymouth Township is set to receive $231,383 towards the purchase of an International Swaploader Chassis that has a single man leaf unit for fall leaf collection and other swappable containers for other recycling needs. Director of Public Works Christopher Loschiavo shared that this grant program typically involves a 90% DEP/10% township split, however, due to the township plan to also use the truck for plowing snow, the chassis was prorated at 60% of its cost and the DEP will pay 90% of the prorated portion.

“These grants help bolster recycling in communities all over Pennsylvania and reduce the amount of waste going into our landfills,” said DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell. “Whether it’s from increased education for residents or an entire facility for sorting recyclables, these grants are making a difference.”

Many of the grants are for community leaf collection programs. Leaf litter cannot be sent to landfills, and many municipalities prohibit open burning.
“Composting leaf waste from residential areas is safer and more environmentally friendly than burning leaves, which causes air pollution,” McDonnell said.