Which Coach and Player Held Their First Meeting in West Conshohocken?

The recently published “Not a Game, The Incredible Rise and Unthinkable Fall of Allen Iverson” made headlines because it claimed that Allen Iverson was drunk during the press conference when he went on a rant about practice.

The book also includes a mention of West Conshohocken. According to the book, Iverson was not happy about the Sixers hiring Larry Brown as coach. They had met briefly in the past and refers to Iverson having not been “impressed.” The new coach wanted to meet with Iverson one-on-one and the book tells the story of how this meeting took place at the Philadelphia Marriott West in West Conshohocken.

From the book:

But now Brown was his coach, and that changed the game. Brown drove himself to the nearby Marriott in Conshohocken (really West Conshy), and Iverson arrived in a limousine, covered in jewelry and surrounded by friends. They spoke in the lobby, talking about the future, and Iverson mustered enough energy to assure his new coach that he couldn’t wait to give Brown everything he had.

The next paragraph starts:

They shook hands, both eager for what lay ahead, and Brown through this would be easy.

So there you have it. Larry Brown and Allen Iverson had their first meeting in West Conshy.