Which Candidate is Winning the Sign War in Conshohocken?

We drove up and down pretty much every street in Conshohocken this morning. Why? We wanted to count the political signs and sew which candidate for President has the edge in the political sign war. A few things first:

  • This is absolutely not a scientific poll in any form
  • We are sure we missed some nooks and crannies of the neighborhoods
  • We didn’t count signs that were not placed in front of homes
  • Only one sign was counted per house. So if you went crazy and have three signs in your yard, only one was counted

So here are the results:

  • Trump wins with 30
  • Clinton came in with 27
  • Johnson had 1

However, the big winner in the sign war was actually the Conshohocken Police Department. There are at least a couple hundred “We Support the Conshohocken Police Department” signs throughout the Borough.

One thing we didn’t expect was the lack of signs for the race for Senate that exists. There was only one signs for Toomey. We didn’t see any for McGinty.