What We Got Here is Failure to Communicate

A member of the Colonial School Board and the local Facebook pages for the Democratic Party seem bent on dividing the party that controls every municipal government within the Colonial School District and the School Board.

Over the weekend, Colonial School Board member Adam Schupack shared a post about bullying on multiple Facebook pages/groups and ended up arguing with mostly Democrats over the actions of the school board. At one point he said he was concerned that the Colonial Rountable Facebook Group, which was created by parents concerned about the Colonial School Board, was a GOP front.

Yesterday the Facebook pages of of the Conshohocken Democrats, Whitemarsh Democrats and Plymouth Township Democrats took part in a coordinated attack on long serving Democratic Party members on the Colonial School Board (every seat on the board is held by a Democrat). The issue involved policies that haven’t been updated in years.

On the Conshohocken Democrats post, School Board Member and Democrat Mel Brodsky shared why the particular policy in question hadn’t been updated. The policy is just one sentence that states that the school district will follow state law on emergency drills.

This led to some snarky comments from the Conshohocken Democrats page about what was happening in 1965 (the year the policy was last updated or created) and this led to more comments from people we know to be active in Colonial Roundtable and others.

The crazy thing is that you have the Conshohocken Democrats’s Facebook page mocking Brodsky, again a Democrat, and other Democrats.

We asked Kevin Dwyer, the head of the Conshohocken Democratic Party, who the admins are for the Conshohocken Democrats Facebook page. He didn’t answer the question, said something about Breitbart and threatened to ban us. Others asked the question as well and Dwyer stated he won’t share that information as he is afraid that the admins would be harassed:

If you want to see who is coming to the school board meetings to speak out, watch this video:

Anyone feel threatened?

In the same Facebook thread, Dwyer also kept questioning who lived within Conshohocken Borough and who lived elsewhere.

Tomorrow we will publish the donations received by the Conshohocken Democrats and show how much of the money doesn’t originate in the one-square-mile of Conshohocken. Since Dwyer is so concerned about outside Facebook comments, we wonder if he is equally concerned about outside money (it is going to be big number, get ready)!

More to come.