What to Do with Leeland Mansion (Old Borough Hall) Back on Agenda for Conshohocken’s Borough Council

On tonight’s (June 1st) agenda for Conshohocken’s Borough Council will be a discussion about what to do with Leeland Mansion, which served as Borough Hall for many years. There was as a recent study completed at a cost of $16,500, which we hear didn’t really provide the level of detail hoped for. A big part of the study was whether a bed & breakfast would be a good use for the property, but now with the announcement that a bed & breakfast is opening elsewhere in the Borough, you have to ask if that makes sense anymore.

We know of a handful of people who are interested in purchasing the property (not tire kickers, but serious people, all who live or have a business in the Borough). The property is within the Residential-Office District, which protects the facade of the building. You can’t just knock it down or alter the front of the building, you have to maintain its character. The zoning district offers that protection. The fact that the Borough also owns the property and can select the buyer also provides a level of protection.

The agenda read that as follows on this matter:

Determine next steps for Leeland Mansion:

I. Discuss disposition and options for Leeland Mansion including: considering selecting a realtor

II. Discuss leasing of Old Police Station at Leeland carriage house

If this is of interest to you the meeting is at 7:00 p.m. at new Borough Hall at West 4th and Fayette.