What to do if you have COVID-19 or believe you do and feel you need to go to the hospital

Yesterday during the Montgomery County press briefing, we asked Montgomery County Commissioner Dr. Val Arkoosh what someone should do if they have COVID-19, or believe they may, and feel that they should be treated at the hospital.

Dr. Arkoosh stressed that if someone felt they were suffering life-threatening symptoms like difficulty breathing, they should call 911. If it’s not a life-threatening situation, they should call their own healthcare provider, explain their situation, and then follow the advice given.

If a person does not have a regular healthcare provider, she advised calling the local emergency room. A healthcare provider will then discuss your situation with you and advise you as to whether you should go to the emergency room.

Please note that emergency rooms are not the place to go to be tested for COVID-19. The county has several locations that offer free testing, plus testing is offered at select locations of pharmacies like CVS and Rite-Aid. More information on testing can be found here.

The below video is cued to her discussing seeking treatment at a hospital.