What Should Conshohocken Drop at Midnight on New Year’s Eve

We have been kicking around the idea of putting together a New Year’s Eve celebration in Conshohocken for a while now. We would definitely want to do some type of ball drop at midnight, but can’t think of the perfect thing to drop that would represent Conshohocken. For example, Bethlehem, where Peeps are made, drops a Peep.

In the past it would have been easy, you could have dropped a tire (for Lee Tire) or some representation of steel. It isn’t so easy anymore, as Conshy is known more as a tech hub, which doesn’t lend itself as easily to a visual (that we can think of).

Pennsylvania actually has the most communities in the country conducting some type of drop on New Year’s Eve. Here is the list from Wikipedia:

Let us know in the comments or on Facebook what you think would best represent Conshohocken for a ball drop on New Year’s Eve.

Photo from NewYorker.com.