West Conshy Company Launches App to Help Seniors and Caregivers

A West Conshohocken-based company has released a new app, Better Alerts, which uses the most up-to-date technology to directly communicate with seniors, their designated contacts and emergency services.  Better Alerts offers users and caregivers medication reminders to increase adherence, instant texts and emails when a fall occurs and notifications and GPS tracking when a loved one leaves a predetermined safe zone.

“Seniors who take one medication daily are 80% compliant, but that drops to 50% for those taking four or more medicines per day,” said Doug Hopkins, President and Founder of Better Alerts. “Better Alerts helps ensure medicines are taken on time, reducing the chance of forgetting to take medication, mixing up medicines or even ending up in the hospital.”

The Better Alerts app works in conjunction with a smartphone and the highly sensitive Pebble Smart Watch™. In the case of a fall, up to 10 contacts are provided a direct communication without the need to press anything and access to emergency services is ensured with the press of a single button.  Caregivers know when their loved one has fallen and what their exact location is without the need for an intermediary.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of three adults over 65 fall each year, many of whom end up being treated in the emergency room or hospitalized.

The Better Alerts app uses GPS technology to allow the primary caregiver to set a safe zone.  When the user goes outside that safe zone, an email or text alert with a map locator is immediately sent to all caregivers through the caregiver app.  The user is then tracked through a live locator beacon for as long as necessary.

“The home-based model in the Medical Alert industry hasn’t changed in 30 years and doesn’t reflect today’s reality,” concluded Hopkins, “Better Alerts uses a combination of smart and stylish technology to allow seniors to remain independent with confidence.”