West Conshohocken’s Danny Bader interviews Conshohocken’s Aaron Scotti on podcast

Danny Bader, a West Conshohocken resident, best-selling author, and sought-after speaker whose life was transformed by a near-death experience, recently interviewed Conshohocken native Aaron Scotti on his podcast, Back to Life: Stories of Resilience.

Scotti now lives in Los Angles and is an executive producer with Armory Films and a spiritual coach. If you didn’t know Scotti from his time in Conshohocken, you may remember 2019 articles and interviews in the local media in connection to the film The Peanut Butter Falcon.

Below is Bader’s description of the podcast:

If you really want to inspire and help people, you can begin today! You don’t have to wait a long time to start when you have become wealthy, achieve that greatness during your journey. Don’t hesitate to come out of your comfort zone and let fear dictate your future. Everything you need is within you and all you have to do is to translate those intentions with love.

In today’s episode, Aaron Scotti, a Spiritual Coach and an Executive Producer at Armory Films, talks about the importance of the connection of our mind, heart, and body! The state of your mind and the beliefs you hold dramatically affects your overall health. Aaron is a very inspiring man who has starred in many TV shows, movies, and hit series like Grey’s Anatomy. He, too, was the Executive Producer of the award-winning motion picture called The Peanut Butter Falcon! In this episode, Aaron and Danny also talk about love being our universal language, using our heart as our GPS, and understanding the nature of God!

Join Danny in this inspirational episode to learn more about how God works wonders and how crucial it is to be mindful of the words we say to ourselves!

Bader broke out some highlights from the podcast:

  • [05:19​] Why Aaron decided to move from Conshohocken to Los Angeles.
  • [09:10​] His focus, goals, and struggles when he moved to Los Angeles.
  • [13:02​] Aaron had to hit rock bottom and become mentally fractured before he accepted he was sick.
  • [17:40​] When you heal your mind, your body naturally follows.
  • [19:23​] The experience that made him realize how the mind and body are so connected.
  • [25:22​] All about the amazing film, The Peanut Butter Falcon.
  • [28:56​] Once you let go and get over your fear, you’ll realize there is so much more you can achieve.
  • [32:04​] Let your heart be your GPS in life, and listen to your intuition.
  • [37:00​] You have to put your awareness on your heart and be still.
  • [40:19​] Aaron’s understanding and definition of what God really is.
  • [44:22​] Every human is a fraction of God, and he is within us.
  • [47:23​] Love is the universal language, and we need to start being mindful of it.
  • [52:41​] Is Aaron planning to make more movies? What are his future plans?
  • [54:57​] Ignorance is no longer an option; don’t be afraid of leaving your comfort zone.
  • [59:18​] Anything that you ever need is within you, don’t guess how God works.