West Conshohocken’s Borough Council to consider extending Covanta agreement for three years

On the agenda for the April 13th meeting of West Conshohocken’s Borough Council is a possible three-year extension of the borough’s agreement with Covanta to accept its trash at its plant in Conshohocken (Plymouth Township). Covanta burns the trash as part of a process to generate electricity.

From the agenda:

To approve the three-year extension period as provided in the first addendum to the Solid Waste Agreement with Covanta 4 Recovery. This three–year extension will be effective from 1/1/2020 until 12/31/2024. The unit price per ton in 2022 will be $61.46, 2023 the unit price will be $63.00 and the unit price will be $64.57.

There has been pressure on local municipalities to reconsider their agreements with Covanta due to a series of malfunctions in recent years. In January, it was announced that Covanta had agreed to a consent assessment of civil penalty involving a $218,393 civil penalty.