West Conshohocken Resident’s Tutoring Service, Teacher Time To Go, Celebrates Two Years of Success!

Founded under the belief that all students learn differently and thrive with individualized support, Teacher Time To Go is Montgomery County’s Premier “travel to you” tutoring service. 

West Conshohocken resident and owner Jenn Shemtob shares that growing up, her favorite part of the school day was when she received special attention from the teacher. She would get called to the teacher’s table, learn new things in an exciting way, and suddenly, the material just made sense. She explains that feeling as “magical”. The concept was referred to as “Teacher Time”. And she remembers it like it was yesterday.

Growing up in Blue Bell, PA and attending Wissahickon District Schools, Jenn became an active member of the local communities.  She was a teacher in the Philadelphia and Lower Merion School Districts, a local through and through. Now she and her team (also local to the area) are working to help as many families as they can to receive that same individualized support that helped her so much growing up.

Prior to launching TT2G, Shemtob spent her summers, weekends, and after school hours tutoring and working with families one-on-one.  She mentions, “It got to a point where there was just not enough time in the day to help as many families that needed the individualized instruction”. So, she decided to create a network of the most qualified educators in the area, allowing her to help any families looking for that support.

Her team consists of 90 + tutors; A mix of classroom teachers, graduate students, retired teachers, and rising educators, along with full time Director of Recruitment, Victoria Hails and Director of Client Relations, Marissa Katz. The team works together to match families with qualified educators to achieve success.

“I recognize that school is challenging and can be anxiety provoking, especially now that so many schools have gone virtual” Shemtob said. “Our mission is to find a way to make the challenging moments exciting, and to transform the anxious feelings into confidence. Whether it be 1st grade phonics, middle school math, or 11th grade AP Physics, we are here to help by establishing baseline, putting a strong plan in place, and tracking progress and growth”. 

As a way to give back to the local community, and to help celebrate two years of success, Teacher Time To Go is offering a FREE first session for families who start during the month of March.

Please reach out via the website, email, or phone to get started and receive your first session free in March!