West Conshohocken Police Department Seeking Info on Suspicious Car, Conshohocken Police Department Nab Suspected Burglar

Are we in the midst of a mini crime wave in the Conshohockens? Last week there was the robbery of the Baggataway in West Conshohocken, the Conshohocken Police were seeking info on bike thefts and now there is another request for information from the West Conshohocken Police about a suspicious car and the Conshohocken Police Department have arrested a suspected burglar.

Yesterday, the West Conshohocken Police Department posted the below on its Facebook seeking information about the suspicious car:



The Conshohocken Police Department announced today via its Facebook page that it has arrested a suspect in connection with a break-in on East 10th. Below is the post:

We wonder if it just seems like more is going on than usual due to the increase in the use of social media by the departments. Either way, it is great that the public can keep informed and help with information.