West Conshohocken Office Building Evacuated in Response to Nationwide Bomb Threat

Numerous media outlets and individuals on Twitter report that a bomb threat was sent to businesses and institutions across the county today. Locally at least one building was evacuated due to it.

Five Tower Bridge, which is across Matsonford Road/the base of the bridge from the Philadelphia Marriott West, was evacuated this afternoon according to a reader.

The reader also shared that someone on the fourth floor of the building received the threatening email. The email, according to the reader, stated that the bomb wouldn’t be detonated if $20,000 was paid.  Please note that we have not verified this information, but that it is similar to other reports nationwide.

NBC News has a report on the nationwide threat, which has thus far not resulted in any bombs being found or detonated. NBC News reports that the money payment was to be paid in Bitcoin.

Note – this was originally reported to have happened at One Tower Bridge. It was actually Five Tower Bridge.

Let us know in the comments if any other buildings or businesses were impacted by this threat. You can also email us at Kevin@MoreThanTheCurve.com.