West Conshohocken natural gas pipeline was in the news recently

Last week, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission voted to exempt a PECO facility from Marple Township’s zoning code. The facility connects to a natural gas pipeline that originates in West Conshohocken and would reduce the pressure of the gas before it moves on to customers. The facility is to be built at the corner of Sproul and Cedar Grove Roads in Broomall.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has an article on the issue. From that article:

Pennsylvania will allow Peco Energy to build a controversial natural gas infrastructure project in a residential area of Marple Township, which had denied zoning approval after residents complained it would be a hazard to public safety.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, in a 3-0 vote, on Thursday granted Peco’s request to exempt the “gas reliability station” from local zoning. Peco said the facility, a hub on its gas distribution system, would allow it to deliver more natural gas to a growing section of Delaware County and is needed to provide an “adequate, safe and reliable” flow of energy.

MoreThanTheCurve.com requested information on the natural gas pipeline that originates in West Conshohocken and learned that it is 11.5 miles and was completed in December of 2021.

The pipeline starts at the PECO facility near the intersection of Front Street and Balligomingo Road in West Conshohocken. From there, the underground pipeline travels along Front Street and at 476, it turns left and goes through what is described as a “meadow” on the map. You can view the full map here.

When it reaches Jones Street, the pipeline turns left and then turns right briefly as it moves up Balligomingo Road. It then goes left and continues under Dehaven Street until it reaches Hillside Avenue. It then goes right at Matsonford Road and into Lower Merion Township.

Top photo – Google
Map – PECO