West Conshohocken may consider allowing residential uses on its riverfront

On the agenda for the May 12th meeting of West Conshohocken’s Borough Council is an item pertaining to a potential ordinance that would allow residential uses on the riverfront. The agenda reads:

Discussion- Authorize the Borough Solicitor to review and prepare the appropriate draft Ordinance to allow for residential use in the O-1 Office District Zoning District.

The O-1 Office District, for the most part, exists between Front Street and the river from Balligomingo Road to the bridge, and then wraps around the Marriott and Lukoil and then between the river and Bliss Street. It can be seen in yellow in the map below:

This area is currently home to several office buildings. There isn’t a lot of room for new development. There is an approved, but unbuilt office building on the upriver side of the bridge, however, a source tells us that this move is not being driven by a developer. It is being considered so that property owners along the river have flexibility if the commercial office space goes down in the coming years.