West 8th Avenue Parking Area Leased to Adjacent Property Owners

If you have ever driven down West 8th Avenue hoping to reach Colwell Lane, you found out you were out of luck when it dead ends at Maple. Past Maple, West 8th Avenue becomes a paper street (it exists only on paper) and there is a small parking lot looking area that is actually part of the street.

The above sign went up informing people to not park there and that it was now leased to two property owners as of May 1st.  We emailed the Borough Manager to ask why the Borough decided to lease the area and received back the following response:

The abutting property owners who have been maintaining the paper street at the end of West Eighth Avenue approached the Borough to vacate the street and give each property owner one half of the street.  Since we have a storm sewer running down this street and since this street can give us future access to our park, Borough Council agreed only to lease them this area for five years.  The Lease requires them to insure it, maintain it and they cannot erect anything on the property.

So there you have it.

H/T to ConshyStuff.com. Photo courtesy of Brian Coll and ConshyStuff.com.