We Can’t Believe So Many People Believed Our April Fool’s Post

On April 1st, we posted an article that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders would be holding campaign rallies in Conshohocken on the Wednesday prior to the April 26th primary in Pennsylvania. While that is totally believable (Hillary actually campaigned in Conshohocken in 2008 and John Kennedy made a stop in West Conshohocken in 1960), the quotes we contributed to each candidate were supposed to clue readers in that the article was a farce.

We thought we would get a couple “haha’s” in the comments, but people talked of taking the day off work, people shared it with “OMG Bernie is coming to Conshy” and we received a couple messages/emails asking us if we knew how to get tickets. The post received almost 5,000 pageviews (and will probably top that by the end of today) and got huge numbers (for us) on Facebook.

We are actually monitoring the websites of the five remaining Presidential hopefuls to see if they are going to make a local stop prior to the primary. Keep you posted (for real).


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