Wayback Wednesday – Al’s Deli at West 4th and Fayette

Wayback Wednesday is a new feature on MoreThanTheCurve.com, where we look at a moment in history in the Conshohockens, Plymouth Township or Whitemarsh Township. Earlier this week we searched “Conshohocken” on ebay.com and saw a “Al’s Deli” hat for sale.

Where Donnie Mac’s Deli on 4th stands today, use to be Al’s Deli between 1980 and 1994. Earlier this week we saw the above hat for sale on ebay.com and did some research. Al Silvestrini and his family operated the deli and lived above it. Al sold it to John Strouse, who operated at that corner until 2007. It was then took over by the former owner of Scoops, Loretta Steffy, until 2009. Donnie Mac has been there since.

Today Al’s son, also named Al, owns Capp’s Deli on Colwell Lane in Conshohocken. The father can be found helping with prep work in the mornings. The above image was sent to us by Al, the son, who said that they own this original watercolor showing the corner of West 4th and Fayette back when it was Al’s Deli. It looks pretty much the same today.

Share with us in the comments your favorite memory or item off the menu from Al’s Deli.