Wawa seeking to add a new parking area at the location on Ridge Pike in Plymouth Meeting

Wawa went before Plymouth Township’s Planning Agency on April 7th to seek a recommendation on its proposal to add an additional parking area to its location on Ridge Pike in Plymouth Meeting.

The proposal involves expanding into an adjacent vacant lot that is owned by the same property owner. Wawa leases the property. In the above diagram, you can see the existing store and the vacant lot marked with red borders. In the photo at the top of the article, this area is the grass area at the bottom of the photo. Expanding the parking will result in an additional 11 spots for the store. It will also create larger spaces for trucks and landscaping trailers.

Video of the meeting can be found above (it is cued to start with the Wawa portion).

The members of the Planning Agency voted to recommend approval of the application to Plymouth’s Council. This also involves the granting of two waivers that pertain to having to include utilities within 200′ on the plans and the berming of an area between parking and a public street (a sufficient berm already exists).

This process actually started in 2019, but Wawa withdrew the application in 2020 due to the pandemic. It resubmitted the application in early 2021.

The application will now be on an agenda for Plymouth’s Council, which can grant final approval.