Wawa Didn’t Sponsor the Soap Box Derby This Year

Remember back in 2012 when we pointed out that Wawa was throwing a lot of money around Conshohocken sponsoring events and programs and the people who managed those events and programs were actively supporting the proposed Wawa? We sure do, because people bashed us.

So we took notice at this year’s Soap Box Derby that Wawa did not have a tent handing out drinks, etc, like it has had the previous two years. We contacted Mark Marine, who runs the Soap Box Derby to ask if they continued its financial support of the event. Here is the response:

I contacted them and the response I got said “The Contract with the Moore family Expired ” so after a bunch of corporate speak, they told me their budget was done and they will contact the local store manager to see if he can help.

Ouch. According to the response from provided by Marine, Wawa openly ties its support of this great community event to its previous desire to open at the Moore property. So we went back and looked at the Facebook comments from our 2012 post. One reader asked:

I am glad they decided to support our community this year, but have they done it before this year? Will they continue to support the soapbox derby if the Super Wawa doesn’t get approval for a zoning change?

We’ll we now have the answer.

FYI, we asked Wawa’s public relations person about the sponsorship, or lack there of, and we did not receive back a response.