Wawa Commits to Not Sell Diesel at Proposed Location in Conshy

So last weekend I was doing some research on Wawa’s diesel fuel sales and I came across a news article that reported that Wawa does not permit tractor trailers to fuel at its stores. The line in the article reads, “But beware, big rig drivers: Tractor-trailers are prohibited from fueling at the Wawas with diesel, Bruce said.” The “Bruce” in the story is Lori Bruce, a public relations official at Wawa.

As you may remember, during the last public meeting about Wawa, there was a discussion about the sale of diesel and how it will attract tractor trailers and other trucks. If a ban did exist, I found it odd that it wasn’t brought up since it would have helped dampen the fears about the tractor trailers crowding Fayette looking for cheap diesel.

I emailed Lori Bruce to find out if such a ban was real and received back the following response:

The quote in “quotes” is accurate; the attribution is a bit of an over-generalization regarding our position on tractor trailer fueling. Wawa does not have an official policy prohibiting tractor trailers, however in some cases, local ordinances may cause such limitations. Our space and facility designs are better suited for cars and utility vehicles. We believe tractor trailer drivers generally prefer dedicated fueling stations specifically designed for their needs, which we do not have.

Regarding our proposed Conshohocken store, please be aware that after internal discussions, Wawa has made a commitment to the Borough to not sell diesel at our proposed new store.

So as as you can see above, while there is not a ban, Wawa has decided to not sell diesel in Conshy.

So does that change anyone’s mind?