Was Local Swim Club Source of Children Becoming Sick Over Weekend?

A Facebook post by the Ply-Mar Swim and Tennis Club addressed the fact that children got sick after being at the club this past weekend. Speculation centers on the baby pool.

We saw the post last night and were back and forth whether we wanted to publish an article on this. Was it a private matter of the club or was it a public health issue? Two things convinced us we should. The first is that a member of the club contacted us this morning and didn’t feel the club fully addressed the issue. The second was that non-members considering sending their kid(s) to the club on a playdate, should have the information.

According to the member who contacted us, the number of sick children could have been as high as 30 and knows of one adult who was sick. The illness resulted in lots of throwing up. If you go the Facebook page for the club, you will see all the comments under the post reporting sick children. Please note that the post will likely be taken down as soon as the club finds out we posted this article.

Also note that there is no direct evidence that the pool was tainted in anyway, but the club is the common thead between all those sick. The post by the club doesn’t mention any testing done. The club reports on the Facebook post that it has “shocked” the three pools with chlorine and “scrubbed and disinfected” the rest of the facility. The pools are open again.

Here is the post on Facebook: