Walk Your Leashed Dog in Colwell Park Off Colwell Lane

There was a story on MoreThanTheCurve.com recently regarding the banishment of dogs from Conshohocken’s parks. Following up on that story we learned that Plymouth and Whitemarsh Townships allow dogs in their parks. Today we visited a park in Plymouth Township called Colwell Park where our toddler, not a dog, had a great time on the slides and other playground equipment.

What we also noticed was that there was a sign letting dog owners know they could use the park and included a few rules that they had to follow.  There is also a walking/running path where there were a few people walking their dogs. The park also has basketball courts, soccer field. horseshoe pits and a beach volleyball court.

Pictured above is the trail. Below is a map to the park and also a photograph of the sign. Enjoy.

image (48)

colwell park