Villanova’s 175th Anniversary Beer from Cape May Brewing is On-Tap at Flanigan’s Boathouse

Flanigan’s Boathouse has Cape May Brewing’s Demisemiseptcentennial Pale Ale on-tap. The beer was created to celebrate Villanova’s 175th anniversary. Two of the owners of Cape May Brewing are grads of Nova.

It is a limited release, so it won’t be around forever. They are also not offering bottles in Pennsylvania, so you can only find it on-tap. You can also just call it “Demi Semi” for short.

Below is a video of Cape May Brewing’s Head Brewer Brian Hink talking about the beer:

Demisemiseptcentennial Tasting with Head Brewer Brian Hink from Cape May Brew Co. on Vimeo.


Photo: Cape May Brewing