View the menu for Bar Sera, the new restaurant from the Pieri Hospitality Group

Pieri Hospitality Group has released the menu for its soon-to-open Bar Sera, which will replace the restaurant group’s Cerdo. You can view the menu here and the restaurant opens on Wednesday, October 28th.

Pictured right at the top is the Farmer Dean Machine Salad with roasted broccoli, cauliflower, smoky bacon, Caesar, and shaved parmesan. Several proteins are available to add.

Pictured left is Chef Jenna’s Fried Chicken Sandwich with honey hot sauce, crispy onion straw tower, ranch sauce, arugula, and pickled red cabbage.

Bar Sera will also have three varieties of Detroit-style pizza. If you aren’t familiar, Detroit-style is a rectangular pizza with thick, crispy, yet chewy crust. Wisconsin brick cheese is traditionally used, along with tomato sauce that is layered on top of the cheese and any toppings.