Video of Traffic in Conshohocken

Found this on this morning. It is video of a car coming into Conshohocken from Gladwyne via Route 23 during the morning rush hour. Once the car makes the right onto the bridge, the traffic is in plain view. We counted 29 large trucks, landscaper vehicles, etc. between the the West Conshy side of the bridge and West First Avenue.

Getting into Conshohocken via 23 doesn’t seem to be much of an issue. This driver sails right into town. Getting out, or needing to come into town and take a left onto West Elm, seems to be a completely different story.

Please note, the time stamp on the video says this is from July 26, 2016, but it appears to be 2017. The “for lease” signs in the windows of the closed Light Parker store are the ones that went up in the past few months. You can also see the new windows installed by Snap Custom Pizza on East First Avenue.