Video of Colonial School Board Meeting on Septmber 20th

Below is the video from the September 20th meeting of the Colonial School Board. A few people give public comment asking about the lawsuit. Most noteworthy is that the board and the board’s solicitor can’t figure out a way to answer the question on how the district will proceed with the construction of a new school while the lawsuit challenges the district bidding requirements. Eventually the superintendent offers a clear answer (video 1:52.45 link to that point).

There is one ‘drop the mic” moment. One item on the agenda each month is the “solicitor’s report.” It was either this month or last month that the solicitor stated there was nothing to report. During public comment one resident stated that since there was nothing to report, she didn’t expect to see any bills (video 2:02:20 link to that point).

Watch the video below:

Colonial School Board member Adam Schupack retweets a lot. With the news last week that the National Organization of Women’s PA Chapter is now requiring that any future candidates it endorses call for State Senator Daylin Leach to resign (several allegations of inappropriate touching and jokes have been made against Leach) we wonder what Schupack thinks about Leach and his continuing to represent part of the Colonial School District in Harrisburg. We noticed a recent retweet by Schupack that thanked Leach for speaking in favor of the “Responsible Contractors” policy Schupack went on to vote for. Why wait for the next election. So we ask Schupack, should Leach resign?