Video | Morning after flooding along Schuylkill River in Conshohocken

The riverfront was mostly reopened this morning in Conshohocken after flooding late yesterday and overnight had led to vehicles being moved to higher ground and closed roads.

As of about 6:30 a.m. today the river was still over its banks, but the overflow wasn’t venturing very far. While there was pooling in places, the parking lots along the riverfront serving the large apartment communities and office buildings were almost completely clear except for a thin layer of mud.

While we were out, there were commuters going to work in the big buildings and residents out walking their dogs and using the Schuykill River Trail.

The area around the Conshohocken Train Station looked to have retained the most water. In the video below, you can see a single fish swimming through the area. Thanks to Matt Clark for the video. In the video he is filming upriver from the Matsonford Bridge.