Vast majority want expanded outdoor dining to continue in West Conshohocken

Over the weekend and through this evening, allowed the public to weigh in as to whether expanded outdoor dining should be allowed to continue as we come out of the pandemic.

There were 280 responses to the poll and 86.4% were in favor of allowing expanded outdoor dining to continue. Just 7.1% were against allowing it to continue and 6.4% were open to the idea but wanted more information.

We also asked what the person’s connection was to West Conshohocken. Of the 280 respondents, 64.3% live or work nearby and dine out in West Conshohocken on a regular basis. 29.6% live in West Conshohocken and 6.1% work in West Conshohocken.

Of the 29.6% or 83 people who are residents of West Conshohocken, there were 65 in support, 11 against, and seven who were open to the idea but want more information.

Forms response chart. Question title: Your connection to West Conshohocken. Number of responses: 280 responses.

Forms response chart. Question title: Do you think they should allow the expansion of outdoor dining to continue?. Number of responses: 280 responses.

After answering the second question, the participants were asked to provide a comment or personal experience connected to outdoor dining in West Conshohocken.

There were 141 comments in support of conitnuing expanded outdoor dining. Below are some examples:

“outdoor dining is always enjoyable when the weather is nice. plus it allows people who aren’t yet comfortable with indoor dining the option to dine out in a way that is more comfortable”

“Lots of energy on the street, European feel. Help the restaurant owners out that have suffered so much this past year”

“More availability, added ambiance, space to spread out”

“Continued safety and you just can’t beat eating outdoors especially with how good everything looks set up right now!”

“Many are still hesitant to eat indoors. Allows best options for customers and restaurants to thrive.”

There were 13 comments that expressed concerns. A few were:

“Outdoor dining is fine. Just need to limit or reduce it slightly”

“To much noise. I live to close to the restaurant’s”

“parking lots are needed for cars”

There were eight comments from those who were open to it, but wanted some more information. A few examples were:

“Common sense analysis has to be done regarding reasonably available space for this continued openness/expansion and the related impact on sidewalk and road traffic, and flow.”

“As long as traffic can be controlled/parking provided”

“Don’t block safe pedestrian walkways and parking with providing n/c valet parking services.”

Thank you to everyone who took the poll. It is now closed. You can view all of the results here.