Valley Green Road Bridge Keeps Getting Closed Due to Height Restriction Apparatus Getting Hit by Large Vehicles

Since being reopen in December, the Valley Green Road Bridge in Whitemarsh Township has been temporary closed for repairs three or four times this year due to the height restriction apparatus being struck by vehicles taller than 7′. Most recently, the bridge was struck by a Stanley Steemer truck (pictures below) on February 9th. The bridge is owned by Montgomery County.

The bridge, which is slated to be replaced within four to six years, was only allowed to reopen in December after being closed for approximately five months with a reduced weight capacity. The height restriction is meant to keep vehicles weighing more than three tons off the bridge.

The problem is that larger vehicles keep striking the height restricting apparatus resulting in temporary closures of various lengths. Regular users of the bridge blame the situation to drivers not paying attention and the lack of signage warning drivers of large vehicles of the upcoming height restriction. See the comments on the Facebook post from Whitemarsh Township about the most recent closure:

Here are some photos from the various incidents:


Photos: Tom Gerstlauer